Pam M.

Mt. Laurel, NJ

Thanks so much for helping me locate a store near me. I couldn't remember where I bought it but was so sad to use the last of your French Onion Soup base. It is SO good! I use it in my soups, and dips for additional flavor but the BEST is crock pot roasts. 1/3 cup of this with a can of cream of celery soup... a can of water and a 4 to 6 pound beef roast let it cook all day and WOW...it is SO wonderful!. Meat can be pulled apart with a fork and the flavor is superb. Additional veggies are great too and then use the leftovers with your Mrs. Miller's noodles for home made beef vegetable & noodle soup the following day. Two days worth of great winter meals with so little effort. Thank you again!