Martin M.

Las Vegas, NV

I'm so glad I found out about your business.  Your product greatly eases the process of making 'hingel bot boi', which is what we called chicken pot pie back in York County, Pennsylvania where I grew up.  Thanks to your business, I no longer have to make the noodles myself.  That saves a lot of time.  There's nothing better than a plate of hingel bot boi with a side dish of cucumber and onion salad.  Thanks again for a GREAT product!

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Jim C.

Irwin, PA

I love the the Mrs. Miller's Mild Salsa. It tastes very natural with very little preservatives or fillers. There is only 1 gram of sugar! That is one of the main reasons I love it and also because it is very mild and easy to eat. 

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Pam M.

Mt. Laurel, NJ

Thanks so much for helping me locate a store near me. I couldn't remember where I bought it but was so sad to use the last of your French Onion Soup base. It is SO good! I use it in my soups, and dips for additional flavor but the BEST is crock pot roasts. 1/3 cup of this with a can of cream of celery soup... a can of water and a 4 to 6 pound beef roast let it cook all day and WOW...it is SO wonderful!. Meat can be pulled apart with a fork and the flavor is superb. Additional veggies are great too and then use the leftovers with your Mrs. Miller's noodles for home made beef vegetable & noodle soup the following day. Two days worth of great winter meals with so little effort. Thank you again!

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Jessica R.


It's cold outside and people around me are getting sick thus I had to make some chicken noodle soup. The two driving forces behind me making it were the smell and the noodles. I purchased all the ingredients but the supermarket didn't have quality noodles. I ended up going to 3 stores before finding yours at HEB. I am writing you because they are absolutely amazing! My broth was something to brag about too for sure but without thick, dough like, savory noodles wouldn't have been worth the time and effort. So good job!

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Christine M.


These are the BEST noodles I've ever had! I use them in my chicken noodle soup and they're perfect. Thanks for a great product!

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Betty S.

Englewood, OH

On a recent out-of-town shopping venture with my mother, I thought I'd take a chance and purchased a jar of Mrs. Miller's Pasta sauce. I prepared a pasta dish the other night, and boy, was I delightfully surprised at its flavor and consistency! I savored every bite and came to the conclusion that it was "maybe" as good as my own home-made sauce!  (Actually, to be truthful, it was a bit better!). I especially like the fact there are no preservatives.

I called the Mrs. Miller's home office to see if there was a retailer closer to my home...I was willing to drive up to an hour to purchase future products. I was put in contact with a small, family-owned foods place very close to my home which carries the full line of Mrs. Miller's products. In fact, it's a place my mother routinely shops...so, I guess they'll be seeing more of me there in the future! Can't wait to try the noodles, jams, and salsas also! Please, don't change anything!

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