Flavored Noodles


Our Vegetable Flavored Noodles are cholesterol free!  Making these pastas both delicious and healthy.  These delicious pastas are made with extra fancy durum wheat flour, all natural vegetable powders, and egg whites.

All Vegetable/Flavored Noodles are sold in a pack of 6 (14 oz. per bag). Click on a picture to see more about that item or to place an order.

4pk Flavored Noodle Mix

Our Vegetable Flavored Noodles 4-pack mix case. If you prefer not to buy a case of one kind of Old Fashioned noodle. Try our mixture cases: 

A: Garlic-Parsley, Spinach, Tomato-Basil, Vegetable Mix

B: Artichoke-Spinach, Chili-Jalapeno, Lemon-Pepper, Pesto.

C: Pesto, Bell-Pepper. 2 -Garlic-Parsley.

We also offer a 4pk Old Fashioned Mix

New Flavors coming soon! Red Lentil Noodles